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Closet Luxe NYC is a collective of two women who seek to empower others through style. Closet Luxe NYC specializes in assisting men, women, and children achieve impeccable style. This is provided through hands-on assistance including, but not limited to: personal shopping trips, closet therapy, style enhancement courses, and private consultations. Closet Luxe NYC believes that being stylish everyday is an easy mandatory task that could make all the difference in your life!


Style Missionaries


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"Expressing yourself through your own personal style speaks volumes, and I want my volume to be heard." -- Chanté

Chanté Nakapaahu has been working in and studying fashion/style for ten years. Her interest in fashion began at seventeen when she realized that personal was the main characteristic that sets each individual apart from another. From this point she indulged in all things fashion and style- from reading to writing and even getting a styling position at a popular boutique. From this point she understood her passion and went on to study fashion.

Outside of fashion and style she loves collecting vintage dresses and accessories, watching old school hollywood films, cooking, and exploring.

Visit Chanté at www.theclosetfreaks.com.


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"Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night." -- Glade Byron Addams

Ms. Kinna LeBlanc was born in Dominica, W.I. and grew up in [Flatbush] Brooklyn, NY. Having over 10 year's of experience in fashion, arts and entertainment, Ms. LeBlanc has successfully contributed to many creative projects over the years. Combining her culture, social butterfly status and loves of art and style Kinna LeBlanc creates exceptional visual projects, artworks and style installation pieces.

As a style visionary and lover of different cultures, a collector of vintage, appreciator of art and entrepreneur Kinna LeBlanc spends her time as a freelance pop-art graphic designer, producer, personal shopper/stylist and style illustrator.

Visit Kinna at www.closetjane.com.

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